Frequently Asked Questions

Is ClogAmp 2 a successor to ClogAmp

No. This is a completely new development

Under which operating systems can I use ClogAmp 2

Only the Windows operating system is currently supported, versions for Android, IOS and Linux are still in the works.

I can't find ClogAmp 2 in the Google Playstore

Since ClogAmp 2 is still in development, the app has not yet been signed by Google. To install the Android version, the APK must currently be loaded directly onto the device and installed there manually. To install the app, installation from unknown sources must be allowed in the settings under Security.

ATTENTION: This flag should be deleted after installation ...

I can't adjust the volume to the songs

ClogAmp 2 does not contain its own volume control, since the volume control of the operating system is completely sufficient for this. If the volumes of the individual MP3 files in the music directory differ too much, you can calibrate them with programs such as MP3Gain using a reference.

Does the BPM determination work automatically?

Yes. In the music library under Tag Editing (E) click on the drum icon (Alt-B), value „Suggestion“

Can I downgrade the software?

That is not planned. However, since we have all old versions of ClogAmp 2 „in stock“, it is feasible in individual cases

Can I open ClogAmp 2 multiple times?

No. As soon as ClogAmp 2 is started, the program checks whether it is already running. If so, the newly started program ends automatically.

Can you adjust the keyboard layout?


Can you configure the jump distance when jumping back and forward?

No, it is fixed at 5 seconds.

Can you store multiple files in one song (Choreo and Cuecard)?

No, that would make operation unnecessarily complicated. In this case you should work with copies of the song file.

Where can I find the program documentation?

On the help pages of the program. This can be reached via the question mark at the bottom of the screen.

Where can I see which changes have been made in which version?

In ClogAmp 2 there is a „Versions“ tab on the help page. All changes in the individual versions are shown there

The font in the position window is too big for me, can I change that?

Yes. You can change the value for „Max. Font size position display“ in the „Adapt“ tab in settings.

When starting after a pause, the song is played again from the beginning

This is a feature: After pressing Pause again, the song is continued, when you press Play, the song is restarted.